Silviu Hristodorof

Silviu Hristodorof is the founder of the HRISTODOROF Law Firm.

Mr. Hristodorof believes in the principle of preserving and defending the client’s well being, having its best interest at heart.

He is a dedicated professional with an extensive experience in the mentioned fields and not only those.

One of the most important qualities that make Mr. Hristodorof an outstanding professional in the legal field is his ability of working closely with his clients. He builds a bridge of trust and comfort with all of his clients in order to learn all there is about the case, thus being able to help them in the best possible way by creating a strong defence due to the dependable evidence he has collected in the process.

In addition to his legal studies, Mr. Hristodorof has a Master’s Degree in the field of Security and Intelligence, which is a program that forms specialists in understanding, preventing and controlling various technical and theoretical issues, related to the Security and Intelligence field.

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, Italian, and French

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Crina-Maria Hristodorof

Mrs. Crina-Maria Hristodorof provides expert advice on performing quality assessments (audits) and process assessments.

In addition, she provides translation and interpretation services.

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Valentina Rujoiu

Mrs. Valentina Rujoiu is our expert collaborator in the practice area of Family Law, in terms of providing a great understanding of Intimate Partner Violence, Crisis Intervention, and so forth. Her extensive experience in these areas brings an added value to our legal practice, enabling us to understand the full picture of the conflict situation, thus providing our clients with a tailor-made solution.

Family law cases are very sensitive issues that can become very complicated for every person involved once a legal procedure starts; therefore, we believe and were proven right, that Mrs. Rujoiu’s expertise is very important especially where domestic violence is involved.

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Constantin-Dorel Pietrareanu

Mr. Pietrareanu is our Administrative Support Specialist, performing a key role in the development of our Law Firm.

His experience of over 30 years in the military service provides our firm with the necessary strategy tools to approach any and every situation with diplomacy, integrity, confidentiality and adaptability.

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