Corporate Law

Our Law Firm believes that the role of an excellent corporate lawyer is avoiding future litigations for the company that has entrusted him with its business affairs, which in the long run can save impressive amounts of money for the company.

Planning and execution of corporate transactions, nationally and internationally

Litigations among business partners

Mergers and acquisitions

International business transactions

Real estate law

The formation and dissolution of a corporation

The restructuring process of a corporation



Joint venture structures or co-investments

Companies must be in compliance with the applicable legal regulations from the very beginning of their existence on the market, in this way being able to provide the protection of their owners from individual liability. A great law firm, such as ours, can provide high quality legal assistance even from the company’s inception, ensuring that internal and external agreements are drafted and agreed in the company’s best interest.

Corporations can often find themselves in the position of having to conclude complex commercial transactions, which can easily cause complications if they don’t work closely with lawyers who can provide legal assistance in regards to the legal framework of the commercial transactions that affect the company’s businesses. Due to our objective analysis and out of the box thinking, we can provide the company with great insight on matters that they can easily overlook during the execution of their business transactions in their desire to see their business deal happening as soon as possible.