Labor. Employment. Social Security

Labor collective dismissal procedures

Collective labor bargaining agreement negotiations

Restructuring and reorganization processes

Workplace discrimination

Overtime payment violations/ payment delays violations

Disciplinary and misconduct violations

Wrongful termination of individual employment contracts

Workplace sexual harassment cases

Workplace injuries

In the practice area of employment law our firm provides legal assistance not only to the employers, but also to the employees.

We believe in defending the rights of the employees by offering them protection from bad treatment or abuse from their employers or even from their co-workers and. We also believe in defending the rights of the employers in regards to the employee misconduct or disciplinary deviations.

Our legal approaches are very complex, ranging from providing an alternative for the resolution of the dispute, legal assistance in court trials, mediation and even arbitration. We are powerful advocates of solving a dispute prior to its reaching the court, believing that an unnecessary escalation of the dispute leads to unnecessary expensive litigation costs for both parties included.

We also provide legal guidance to the employees who have suffered from work injuries and are seeking compensations for their suffered prejudice.

It is of great significance for us to emphasize the fact that the labor regulations aim at defending the employees from being underpaid, forced to work in hazardous environments, being abused or discriminated at their workplace, enabling them to seek proper compensation if injured while performing their job attributions, thus providing the society with the security of a healthy manpower who can work under safe and proper conditions in order to provide for the society they live in as well as for themselves.