Malpractice caused by professionals who are susceptible by their code of ethics to be held accountable for malpractice such as notary public malpractice, accountant malpractice, etc.

Surgery negligence, errors, fault

Dental malpractice

Childbirth injuries

Nursing home abuse

Misdiagnosis of AIDS/ HIV, cancer and other related malignancies

Treatment negligence

Anaesthesia errors

Malpractice awareness courses

Not long ago, the malpractice processes were non-existent, but with the passage of time they have increased in number. In terms of malpractice, the specialized literature refers especially to the medical field (being associated with the professional work of medical staff and the provider of medical, sanitary and pharmaceutical products and services), but not so much from the point of view of practicing the profession, but from the legal and judicial point of view, namely about the ways of recovering the damages and of holding accountable the culpable professional. However, at present, the notion of malpractice has expanded to other non-medical professions such as the profession of notary public, the accounting expert, the evaluator, etc.

The most common form of malpractice in Romania remains that relating to the Physician profession. Undoubtedly, the physician profession is one of the oldest professions of man in the field of prevention, recognition (diagnosis), therapy and the consequences of illness and accidents. However, this profession entails a major degree of moral and legal responsibility on the part of the practitioner, and the existence of malpractice cases is growing.

Here at HRISTODOROF Law Firm, we tend to view malpractice as a phenomenon, not only from a legal point of view, but also from a sociological perspective. We believe that malpractice cases can be prevented if the professionals, who are susceptible by their code of ethics to be held accountable for malpractice, are well aware, ahead of time, about the consequences of an inadequate exercise of their professional obligations. Therefore, our law firm also provides courses about the legal implications of malpractice and what the professional can do to protect himself from such accusations as well as what his inappropriate actions can produce.

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As for the legal assistance to the injured parties, we are here to provide all the legal guidance that you need for taking the steps in the right direction to recover your damages. In order to build up a strong case, our Law Firm will work in close relation with medical experts, sociology experts, and will use its best efforts to ensure the best scenario outcomes for our clients.