Legal Services


1. Legal Representation in Courts of Law 

Our law firm is guided by the principle of defending the freedom of the individuals, strongly believing the fact that each individual has the right to not be deprived of his freedom arbitrarily or without just cause. Just like doctors take care of the individuals’ health, it is our duty as legal defenders to take care of the individuals’ freedom, which is as important as their health.

2. Legal Assistance in front of the Administrative Authorities

In our capacity as both advocates and advisors of our clients, we can take on the responsibility of taking it a step forward if our clients require the service of legal assistance in front of local and international institutions.

3.Transactions. Mediation

Our Law Firm believes that the role of an excellent lawyer is avoiding future litigations, where and if applicable. We can provide mediation to the parties who are in conflict, looking to provide an amicable solution to the problem at hand.

4.Corporate Legal Assistance

In the field of Business Law, our Law Office combines all the training it has, paying close attention to legislative changes in the field.

5.Trade Register

 Legal assistance during the entire period of your company’s operation life span; Legal assistance in procedures on division, merger or dissolution of companies; Consultancy and active participation in projects of structural reorganisation of companies or groups of companies; Protection of the interests of associates / shareholders without management positions in their own company; The company’s protection against the activity of executive management bodies;

6.Legal Audit

Among the services it provides, Hristodorof Law Firm also performs legal audits on client requestPlease consider that a legal audit will help you take the appropriate actions to continually improve your process performance.


Our Law Firm is in close collaboration with EXTERA ZOOM, a company providing translation and interpretation services. Offered services: simple translations, authorized translations, legalized translations, apostille, interpreting (conferences, meetings, etc.), foreign language clases