Corporate Legal Assistance

In the field of Business Law, our Law Office combines all the training it has, paying close attention to legislative changes in the field.

Without the desire to exhaust the enumerations or to make a theoretical classification, our help in the field of Business Law can be structured as follows:

Business operation:

> consultancy and representation for the establishment of all forms of commercial organization (companies, individual enterprises, authorized natural persons);

> Assistance in procedures for division, merger or dissolution of companies;

> assistance during the entire period of operation of the companies;

> consultancy and active participation in projects of structural reorganisation of companies or groups of companies;

> Protection of the interests of associates / shareholders without management positions in their own company;

> the protection of the company against the activity of executive management bodies;

Commercial Litigation:

> consultancy, assistance and representation in the field of insolvency of companies, drawing up claims for the registration of debt rights against borrowers, representation during creditors’ meetings;

> consultancy and assistance during the judicial reorganization procedure or establishment of the preventive arrangement;

> legal assistance and representation in the negotiation and resolution of disputes, both amicably and before the courts of any rank and arbitration bodies;

> assistance and representation for the obtaining of the enforcement titles and enforcement of the judgments and arbitration judgments pronounced in Romania; recognition of court and arbitral awards issued by foreign jurisdictions;

Commercial Agreements:

> legal assistance for the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts;

> Assistance and consultancy in public procurement procedures, including during the preparation of the eligibility documentation;

> Consultancy in drawing up the contract for large projects and delivering “turnkey” products and services;

> monitoring the execution of commercial contracts;

Acquisitions and management of receivables portfolios:

> Assistance in checking and acquiring the receivables portfolios;

> assistance and consultancy in the elaboration of debt recovery strategies;

> Permanent assistance and consultancy for the execution and soft-collection departments;

> administering recovery and enforcement files in court and court bailiffs throughout the country;

Authorization, regulation and norms:

> assistance, consultancy and representation in the obtaining of authorizations in front of the National Energy Regulatory Authority;

> assistance, consultancy and representation in the administrative procedures of the Competition Council;

> evaluation of proposed transactions in relation to competition regulations, prohibition of restrictive and abusive market practices, monopoly position, etc.