Legal Representation in Courts of Law

Our law firm is guided by the principle of defending the freedom of the individuals, strongly believing the fact that each individual has the right to not be deprived of his freedom arbitrarily or without just cause. Just like doctors take care of the individuals’ health, it is our duty as legal defenders to take care of the individuals’ freedom, which is as important as their health.

We believe that the difference between losing and winning a case lies in choosing the correct strategy to be pursued in court, which can only be done by closely working with the client, by having a great comprehension of the legal system and its subtleties, and by providing our clients with the best legal solution to avoid worse case scenario consequences. For instance, even if the crime seems not to be that serious from the existing documentation, sometimes – if not in the majority of the cases, if a client is not properly advised or if he chooses self-representation the consequences can be fatal (he can easily receive a harder sentence).

Our lawyers have excellent oral and written skills, which plays an important role in: building a great defense and in developing a case strategy, in conducting negotiations with the prosecution to obtain lesser charges, in interviewing witnesses, in drafting and arguing appeals. For every case, our law firm invests its best efforts in researching the procedural law and crime codes in order to be the best lawyer for the defendant during his court trial.