Silviu Hristodorof

The founder of the HRISTODOROF LAW FIRM.

Mr. Hristodorof believes in the principle of preserving and defending the client’s well being, having its best interest at heart.

He is a dedicated professional and has extensive experience in the bellow mentioned areas of practice, and various others:

Civil proceedings providing legal counsel in construction and real estate law, intellectual property lawsuits, and so forth;

Insolvency matters has an active role by participating in major insolvency proceedings in this practice area;

Corporate law – providing legal advice in regards to: the planning and execution of corporate transactions, nationally and internationally; litigations among business partners, mergers and acquisitions, the formation and dissolution of a corporation, the restructuring process of a corporation, legal complian, contracts, international business transactions, joint venture structures or co-investments, and real estate law;

Labor, employment and social security law expertise – providing legal counsel in many labor collective dismissal procedures and collective labor agreement negotiations, restructuring and reorganization processes;

Criminal law – defending clients found in conflict situations, charged with various degrees of crime such as: embezzlement and fraud, malpractice, domestic violence crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, driving under the influence alcohol, theft, white collar crimes and so forth.

Family law – divorce cases, domestic abuse (mental and/ or physical abuse exerted on the spouse and the children – if applicable), alimony and settlements, custody hearings and visitation rights, emancipation, placing under legal interdiction, guardianship and curatorship, etc.

One of the most important qualities that make Mr. Hristodorof an outstanding professional in the legal field is his ability of working closely with his clients. He builds a bridge of trust and comfort with all of his clients in order to learn all there is about the case, thus being able to help them in the best possible way à by creating a strong defense due to the dependable evidence he has collected in the process.

In addition to his legal studies, Mr. Hristodorof has a Master’s Degree in the field of Security and Intelligence, which is a program that forms specialists in understanding, preventing and controlling various technical and theoretical issues, related to the Security and Intelligence field.

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, Italian, and French